TREMBLING WALLS Pieza escénica / 50 min / 2011 /

Dirección: Elias Cohen / Interpretación: Richard Schnell, Rosabel Huguet, Roxana Valdez, Stephanie Scheubeck y Vicent Gisbert / Asistente y sonido: Se-Rok Park / Iluminación: Roger Rossell / Berlin 2011 / Fotos: Roger Rosell / Premiere: 23 Septiembre 2011. Mica Moca Projekt Berlin /

...a labyrinth with no beginning or end
...hunger of complicity
...of belonging
...of identity
...a gound where to step
...edited reality
...embodied truth
...resisting and surrendering
...and if I burn my beliefs...what would be left of me?

In "Trembling Walls" we want to confront ourselves creatively, openly, visually and physically with diferents sources of beliefs. We want to embody them and we want to witness that.
A belief is an assumed truth.

- 23 al 25 Septiembre. Mica Moca Projekt Berlín.

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