ZERO Photography / 2015 /

Idea and concept: Vicent Gisbert /

In my piece Choices (2014), the movement of the body is developed from a sustained time, which provokes that the audience wonders in the first minutes of the piece about the used medium. ¿Are there changes in the bodies? ¿Is it a video or a photogram what we can see on screen?

ZERO comes up with a different approach. In this project I´m interested to use from the beginning the photography as a medium, motivated by the novelty and challenge for me to work with the body, but based on the static. With some pieces of this serie I want to approach the body and his presence, but focusing on the physical: weight, balance, impulse, tension, fall, pressure...

With other photos I´m interested to capture unique and particular moments, building situations from the simplicity with the body in relation with other elements (objects and light), to give way to something more complex. Resorting in all the pieces to nudity and empty space searching for neutrality.