FENSTER Live / 50min / 2012 /

Direction, interpretation, sound and video: Vicent Gisbert / Idea and concept: Marc Martínez and Vicent Gisbert / Assistant direction: Marc Martínez / Support: L´animal a l´esquena and Dock11 / Berlin 2012 ( Germany) / Premiere: 17 March 2012. Dock11. Berlin. Germany / Photos: Roger Rosell /

Fenster is a scenic proposal to offer the spectator different windows through which can watch and interpret different realities. Each of them is raised with the intention to move away from the known and the definite, situating the viewer in a suggestive world which provokes questions while watching it.
A constructed place altering the perception, giving the body and the space new meanings.


- 20 September 2013. Instituto Cervantes de Berlin. Festival Plataforma. Germany.
- 8 to 10 February 2013. Festival Escena Contemporánea. Madrid. Spain.
- 21 October 2012. "Interview and short fragment on TV". Metropolis. TVE2.
- 6 October 2012. Bhum!. L ´animal a l´esquena. Celra. Spain.
- 4 October 2012. VAD 1.0. Festival internacional de vídeo i arts digitals. Girona. Spain.
- 24 to 27 May 2012. Carme Teatre. Valencia. Spain.
- 4 to 13 May 2012. Residence L´animal a l´esquena. Celra. Spain.
- 17 to 18 March 2012. Dock11. Berlin. Germany.
- 14 to 22 January 2012. Residence Dock11. Berlin. Germany.


Nowadays, the mass media contain a rich base of resources with which the individual interacts elaborating their own identity. For many people they are an authentic mirror to compare and contrast the universe, offered by the media, with the real world.

Most of these resources serve the current neo-liberal system, providing a very specific information that allows to control the members of the society. So in these media we can find always the same voices, the same images, the same content ... all with the purpose of spreading a unique way of cosuming, living, being. The mass media are used as manipulation tools that promote a unique identity, offering a unique reality.

We can say that the sense of belonging to the same world we owe largely to the media, those great synchronizers. They create an instant communicative integration of society and transmit the feeling that we live in the same world and not in incommensurable worlds.

As a result we are often faced with a community that distrust the validity of singular and divergent perspectives that can contribute to new approaches and consequently new social changes in current times. We live in an increasingly globalized world.

In this sense, the contemporary scenic creation may be a phenomenon of approach and construction of new realities that contribute to the reflection. A motor generator of new windows to look through.

Objectives and Tools

Fenster is a scenic proposal to offer the spectator different windows through which can watch, interpret and experience different realities. Each of them is raised with the intention to move away from the known and the definite, to allow open readings and reflections by the viewer.
The artist wants to find and originate along the piece singular situations that contribute to the development of free and indeterminate thoughts. The public is understood in this work as an active agent who builds his own conclusions from the offered stimulus, without need to provide for such a process a particular story or narrative work.

The space where the work will be presented will act as a canvas where different levels are going to be projected and to evolved with ongoing changes, altering the perception of material and intangible, static and mobile.
It will be played at times with the senses of the viewer, but not only through these textures, but also throughout the body and the movement. With the presence of these two elements will appear landscapes in which the individual will lose some of its most common and recognizable features, allowing new interpretations and ways of perceiving.

In this manner, Vicent Gisbert, aims to create a unique and divergent identity, a subject away from what is represented in most of the mass media around us. A constantly changing individual which suggest questions while watching him.

In the audiovisual creation process, Vicent Gisbert is recording and editing previously the used material, exctracting from the past to insert it at the moment of the performance, modifying in this manner his temporary status.

This technique of intervention in time enables an autonomous work by the author, which gives the piece a very personal character. It allowes him also to use different disciplines and fuse different languages in one project, valuing the outcome as much as the creative process.

Photo of the audience by Bruno Almela.Festival Bhum! 2012.

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