BACK Video / HD full / 6min 46sec / 2011 /

Direction, interpretation, photagraphy, sound and edition : Vicent Gisbert / Assistant camera: Lisa Thiele / Assistant post production: Raúl colomer / Assistant sound: Paco Casted / Valencia 2011 ( Spain) /

For them we are all the same, no differences. We act with complete conformity, renouncing individual liberty of choice. Without doubting in what we do we allow ourselves to be dragged along by the current. At times we feel the narrowing of our field of consciousness; It's time to make an escape.

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- Festival Fiver 2015. Logroño. Spain.National Price
- Internationale Windkunst in Nordhessen. Germany.
- Rendibu 2014. Concurso de Artes. Murcia. Spain.
- Exhibition in Oslo Central Station. With the collaboration of Kunsthall Oslo and Oslo Screen Festival.March and April 2013. Norway .
- 3 December. Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España. Madrid 2012. Spain.
- In Shadow. Selection "Extension".November 28th at 6pm in FNAC Chiado. Lisbon 2012. Portugal.
- Naoussa International Film Festival 2012. Naoussa 2012. Greece.
- 48a Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema. Pesaro 2012. Italy.
- Rendibú 2012. Concurso de Artes Multimedia. Murcia. Spain.
- Commemorations of the Dance 2012. Burra de Millho Association. Azores. Portugal.
- Cineart-11. Ontinyent 2012. Spain.
- Barcelona VisualSound 2012. Spain.
- Oslo Screen Festival 2012. Oslo. Norway.
- Festival Internacional de cine y vídeo experimental Vallecas Puerta del Cine 2011. Madrid. Spain.
- Festival Internacional de Videoarte Almirante Brown 2011. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
- SurReal International Videodance Festival. Berlín 2011. Germany. Second Prize
- In Shadow. 3º Festival Internacional de Vídeo, Performance e Tecnologias 2011. Lisboa. Portugal.
- 21 Semana de Cine Experimental de Madrid 2011. Spain. Award for the spanish film with the best audio-visual effects.
- Pool Screening Motion Berlin 2011. Germany. Award Pearl 2011.
- Festival International du cinéma méditerranéen de Montpellier 2011. France.
- Festival Internacional de vídeo i arts digitals. Vad 2011. Girona. Spain.
- Festival Internacional Video Danzaba 2011. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
- Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2011. Adana. Turkey. Special Jury Award.
- III Picnick Festival. Santander 2011. Spain.
- 16 Festival de Cine Internacional de Ourense 2011. Spain.
- Sardinia Film Festival 2011. Italy.
- Visual 2011. Festival de Óperas Primas y Cortometrajes. Mahadahonda. Spain.
- Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tarragona. Rec 2011. Spain.
- International Festival Signes de Nuit.Paris 2011. France.