SERIE 01 (collection) Video / 25 min / 2011 /

SERIE 01 is a collection composed of 5 videos which have been made with a similar methodology and created in the presence of some common protagonists: the objects and the spaces. Vicent Gisbert has sought to establish relationships with these elements though his movement and his body, specifying new uses and meanings for him.

Vicent rescues in his works spaces and objects of everyday life, like RUMORES, AU and R38. In other works, like BACK and CONTRA, he used places full of symbolism, which from the first moment have generated the desire to approach them.

In this serie, he has investigated sites and materials available that have provided him the liberty to focus attention on them, feeling and occupying them, leaving a own trace materialized by his audiovisual works.

Each of these meetings has led to the author a new opportunity to create, investigate and offer proposals with an open reading for the viewer. The last one plays a fundamental role in his works. Vicent Gisbert, concerned about the social passivity and indifference, seeks with his projects to stimulate and awake an impression and reaction from the observers.

In his creations, he gives the same priority to the result as to the process of making, presenting each work as a learning. For this reason the author takes in the most works all functions of creation, from the interpretation and camera to the edition and sound composition.
Each piece is a long journey for him in which he gives solution to all problems that arise, trying to fuse all elements that make up the main idea.