Vicent Gisbert Soler is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Berlin. He is developing projects where the body, the movement and the audiovisual language are important tools for the creative process.

He conceive the stage as a place of work and reflection, always starting from a very simple staging, fascinated by the challenge of transforming the simple into complex.

Gisbert works in his last pieces looking for the mental implication of the observer so that the development of them does not depend exclusively on him, forcing the audience, for example, to build their own images or playing to disrupt the expectations generated.

Fenster (2012), 1,2,3,4,6... piece for four interpreters (2014) and ARRIBA HUELE A CAMPO (2016) are three of his performing pieces, directed and interpreted by himself and presented in different spaces and festivals as Instituto Cervantes de Berlin in 2013, Festival Escena Contemporánea 2013 of Madrid, Festival Internacional VAD 2012 or Festival Tercera Setmana 2016 of Valencia.

With his works Rumores (2007), AU (2008), Contra (2009), r38 (2009) Back (2011) and Choices (2014) he participated in various national and international festivals for film, video-art and dance-video.

He already won several awards, such as “Best Independent Artist” in the International Festival Optica 2009, Award Pearl 2011 in Pool Screening Motion Berlin or even with the Metroplis TVE award in the Festival Vad in Girona 2010, aswell as several honorable mentions like in the Oslo Screen Festival 2010, Videoformes 2010 or in Adana Golden Boll Film Festival 2011.

His collection serie01 was exhibited in various cultural centers such as the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno or at the Centre d´Art d´Alcoi.

In Germany he has participated in recent years in the piece Trembling Walls (2011), directed by the choreographer Elias Cohen and he created together with the artist Rosabel Huguet the installation RückBlick (2012), which was exhibited at the Berlin Wortwedding art gallery. In 2013 he participated as interpreter in the piece You the other of the german choreographer Felix Bürkle, which was premiered at the Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster.

Vicent Gisbert also participated in projects of other dance companies or artists, like Maria Trenor, director and winner of international festivals like the Berlinale Film Festival and nominated for the Goya with her last film Exlibris ( 2012).
In the last years Vicent Gisbert Soler has given diferent curses in Spain and Germany.