HABITACULO Live / 45min / 2010 /

Direction, interpretation, sound and video: Vicent Gisbert / Assistant direction and lighting: Marc Martínez / Valencia 2010 ( Spain ) / Premiere: 27 May 2010. Sala Carme Teatre. Valencia. Spain /

Today, tecnological developments that invades us, provide to the society a wide variety of changes that continuously determine their fate. Among all these changes, it is interesting to observe how it has changed the relationship between man and the physical space and his interaction in society. Internet, for example, has allowed the emergence of new patterns of socialization through the construction of a new non-physical space: the network. There are new links based on a relationship style almost independent of the places, where you lose the value of physical contact as a means to establish and develop our lives in society.

HABITACULO parts of the consideration offered by this reality. A project to regain the importance of physical space as a meeting place, as a means to interact face to face. An attempt to exploit the fact coincide with other elements in the same place and time, specifying a system of relations. One way to approach a more primitive state of man, in which the physical contact with everything around him, becomes an indispensable tool for his development.