ARRIBA HUELE A CAMPO "Up smells countryside" Live / 55min / 2016 /

Idea, artistic direction,interpretation, video and sound: Vicent Gisbert / Codirection and dramaturgy: Adán Hernández / Thanks to: Lisa Thiele, Adán Hernández, David Bowie, María Trénor, Núria Fuster, Albrecht Ziepert, UFER_STUDIOS and Dock11. Thanks to the NASA for the images of the space. Thanks to Santo and Johnny for the song Sleepwalk (1959) / Dedicated to Laia / With the support of: Dock11 (Berlin), UFER_STUDIOS (Berlin) ,Carme Teatre (Valencia) and LEAL LAV (La Laguna) / This piece uses many sounds from www.freesound.org /

ARRIBA HUELE A CAMPO. Up, on a higher floor to ascend. Not like here. At this level it does not smell anything. The objects have been dissociated of their appearances. They have been reduced to geometric shapes unable to collect and reflect any color. But there must be another place up, where geometry, forms and color are united. And together they smell like a meadow, snow, landscape, sunset, ocean.

ARRIBA HUELE A CAMPO is a scenic piece that combines video art and corporality. A delicate and complex mechanism which creates ephemeral microworlds. To pass them, the protagonist has to group, use and interpret the objects in an unusual way, assuming that every part of the travel responds to different logics, unexpected, peculiar, unfinished.

The body meets with unknown spaces of strange logics generated by projections. But to overcome them he counts on a toolkit associated with memory establishing dialogues with the projections with not always predictable consequences.

The action on the objects (and their forms, meanings and resignifications) invites us to follow him, to complete with the look what seems to be present on stage and what is not there, what is there and seems to disappear, looking for this place, maybe up, where the smell of the countryside waits for us.


- 30 to 31 March 2017.Espacio Inestable. Valencia. Spain.
- 16 to 17 February 2017.UFER_STUDIOS. Berlin. Germany.
- 15 to 16 June 2016.Festival Tercera Setmana.Valencia. Spain.
- 23 to 24 January 2016. Dock11. Berlin. Germany.
- 22 January 2016.PREMIERE.Dock11. Berlin. Germany.

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With ARRIBA HUELE A CAMPO one of my main aims is to treat the image and sound as elements that maximize the use of the imagination, so that everyone can participate and relate to my proposal in a personal and intense way. Starting from a simple staging to turn it into something complex and rich. The challenge to transform the simple into something complex fascinates me, and I am very interested in the moment when something simple is transformed, because it can also cause changes in the viewer.

Referring to the use of imagination I want, for example, to involve the audience proposing that they see different things than the ones which are directly exposed. Forcing them to build their own images, making them accomplice and keeping them attentive and curious. I care about everything we invented to fill what we do not see.

I intend to work against images that dictate and nullify us as individuals, which are currently so prevalent in our society, those who are used to bomb from the mass media. Those specific to the culture of spectacle. Those that make us weaker, more insecure and more dependent on an authority. Those that are created only for our eyes and which invite us to keep only on the surface of what is offered to us.

I am very interested about the process of interpreting the information from the moment that we perceive with our senses. I want to invite with my piece everyone to live and experience the process with intensity generating a lot of questions to answer inside. I conceive the theater as a workplace, and not as a place just to observe.

For that I use for example symbols and icons that are very familiar and which are projected in very specific moments in the space. I want that the audience relates the information that I offer with the information that they have in their memory. But I place these symbols in a different context than we are used to, without losing the usual meaning. I also offer the information in "layers", the way that at first there are certain situations that make no sense, they are difficult to interpret, but step by step along the piece we encounter the tools to understand them.


With the support of

Sound list that I use from www.freesounds.org:

https://freesound.org/people/Julien Nicolas/